1)- Chassis extension & reinforcing;
2)- Suspension fabrication;
3)- Diff axle machining;
4)- Any Bodywork;
5)- Assembly and testing;
6)- Finishing work;
7)- Final testing, certification approval, and registration before customer handover.

In-house work:

All detailed machining and Chassis and suspension work with 2-3 tradesmen (plus apprentice) can produce up to 4 conversions/wk. We have a small machining workshop in our factory with welding able to be accomplished almost anywhere throughout the factory;

Final assembly is carried out in our main factory section.


Supply of Outsourced work:

More specialized operations on some parts are from overseas (Japan & USA). Both genuine factory, and specific aftermarket parts, from domestic suppliers locally.


Conversion work:

First, we strip the base vehicle’s rear suspension and chassis. Then extend and reinforce it.

Steven and Brrendan into it

Prepping base vehicle
Chris directing the workflow
Stripping original suspension


Next we extend and reinforce the chassis to prepare it for our suspension.

Steven on chassis work
Brendan on chassis work with Twin-axle/Bogie-drive suspension cradle in position


Simultaneously, we source and machine parts for the drive-through diff in our machining shop.

Drive-through diff centre with power-divider
Diff housings on machine shop floor stripped, primed, and awaiting extension work & hub reattachment
Power-divider complete
Drive-through diff & Power-divider components
Drive-through diff with completed housing extension and hub reattachment
Power-divider and drive-through diff near complete



Suspension components are prepared in our welding/frame shop. Seating bushes in place is done before final paint and assembly.

A-Arms and Lower control rods
Loadshare Beams with custom coil Springs
A “Rolling Bogie” suspension kit preparing for packaging and freight overseas



Any bodywork is commenced once chassis is completed. Bodywork is conducted same time as suspension/drive-line begins fitting.

Rolly inspecting Bob’s Custom Dual-cab bodywork on Nissan GU Patrol 6X6 (from wagon to dual-cab)
Rolly inspecting BJ’s trimming work.
Custom Jeep 6×6 bodywork in Arabia
Stage one of slide-on camper frame for Dual-cab Toyota 200 series Landcruiser GXL 6×6
BJ and the Rio-Tinto’s 75 series Landcruiser 6×6 13-seat staff bus


Diffs then get fitted, the exhaust extended, and brake piping finished.

Dual-cab Toyota 200 series Landcruiser GXL 6×6 with full-floating hubs on all 4 Bogie-drive wheels.
Dual-cab 200 series Toyota Landcruiser GXL 6×6 near completion


Traybodies and mud guards are now permanently positioned, and tail lights wired up to complete the job ready for certification & registration.

Nissan GU Patrol 6X6 Safari tour bus (13 passenger seats)
Custom Safari bus interior on Nissan GU Patrol 6X6. Entire vehicle was completed from scratch by us at 6X6 AUSTRALIA
Custom Panel Beating/Bodywork on F350 6X6 in Arabia