Navigate our website easier with this brief guideline of “What’s What” here at 6X6

HOME: Bio of who we are, where we come from, and exactly what we do at 6X6 AUSTRALIA. Also find here, a menu of other pages going into further in-depth/specific attributes of our different operations in custom vehicle modifications.


6X6 PHOTO GALLERY: Here you’ll find an array off photos of the various vehicle builds we’ve done over time. Mostly they’re photos of our 6X6 builds. Some photos specifically show our chassis and drive-line modifications. Some photos are general shots of our custom bodywork from a short distance away.


OUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES: Gives a description of all our products and the services that go along with them. Also, our beautiful custom bodywork options, almost always done complementary to our 6X6 conversions. Other options will be found on this page too. Lots of unexpected, but pleasant surprises, work we don’t normally promote very much, like the Zamboni drive-shaft device being implemented in all Zamboni ice-resurfacers across the globe.


COMMON QUESTIONS: Is fairly self-explanatory. This page reveals some of the most common questions we get asked by potential customers inquiring on our vehicle modification work. If you don’t find the answers you’re looking for here, get in contact with us. It’s probably been asked often and we’ve just missed it here in this page.


CONTACT 6X6 AUSTRALIA: Takes you directly to the email page where you simply enter your contact details and a quick rundown of what you’d like to find out from us in regard to specific questions about your individual conversion. An email should be automatically generated from this page.


INTRODUCING OUR PEOPLE: Has two sub-pages inside it. One is called “THE FACTORY CREW” which reveals who makes up the team of workers at 6X6 AUSTRALIA. Another is called “THE WORK INVOLVED” and it outlines a general rundown of the work that goes into our modifications here at 6X6 AUSTRALIA.


FUTURE CONCEPTS: Takes you to the page of our R&D work and oour new projects involving work we hope to lead the industry towards as our own inventions evolve over the course of time. This page is updated infrequently (about once every 6 months). A lot of these projects are slow to eventuate and have been working themselves over in our minds for a number of decades now as we wait for our drive-line to finish developing in between doing the everyday contracts that keep our business afloat in the competitive marketplace of custom vehicle modifications.