At 6×6 AUSTRALIA, we build and innovate custom modified vehicles with professional craftsmanship.

 Our 6-Wheel Drives convert the ordinary, usable 4×4, into the extraordinarily usable, safe, and dependable 6×6.

All our work is professionally backed by priority nation-wide warranties.

At 6×6 AUSTRALIA, our 6×6 Vehicles operate in a long list of applications, including: Long-haul work and in recreational towing; for Heavy industry/mining work; Agricultural/farming work; Emergency/Para-militiary service work; Mobile workshops for remote area infrastructure maintenance work; and for Tourism operations.


Office manager’s personal rig at Christmas

Our 6x6s have full-time Bogie-drive/Twin-axle rear drive, making them easy to operate. No hassles, just drive. Engage the front hubs to become 6×6 when needed. The coil-spring rear suspension provides comfortable and safe ride, with 50/50 Loadshare and integrated ‘Roll-steer’ to support your front ‘steer-axle’ performance and reduce tyre wear caused by other 6×6 systems.

Great Australian Bight

Product reliability and customer satisfaction on all fronts are key to our success and reputation.