A genuine value discount on cab-chassis 6×6 conversions is currently on offer. This 10%discount applies to new vehicles we have Australian Design Rule (ADR) certification and Identity Plate Approval (IPA) for, as well as a small select list of other 6×6 models.

  Vehicles with IPA eligible for our current 10% discount include:

1) – Toyota Landcruiser 79 series 6×6 (current model) for Medium/Lightweight GVM/GCM (IPA#43189), and for Heavyweight GVM/GCM (IPA#46527);

2) – Toyota Landcruiser 200 series 6×6 (current model) for Heavyweight GVM/GCM (IPA#48397);

3) – Nissan Patrol GU (Y61) 6×6 for Medium/Lightweight GVM/GCM (IPA#47606), and for Heavyweight GVM/GCM (IPA#47607);

4) – Mazda BT-50 6×6 (current model) for Medium/Lightweight GVM/GCM (IPA#47852); and

5) – Ford Ranger 6×6 (current model) for Medium/Lightweight GVM/GCM(IPA#48853).

Additional 6×6 vehicles under discount:

a)- Iveco Daily 5500 6×6 (current model) for Heavyweight 8,000kgGVM (IPA under process);

b)- Toyota Hilux 6×6 (current model) for Medium/Lightweight GVM/GCM (IPA under process);

c)- Ford F150 6×6 for Medium/Lightweight GVM/GCM; and

d)- Ford F350 6×6 for Heavyweight GVM/GCM.

This 10% discount offer is only scheduled to run until Christmas Eve.

What are you waiting for? Now’s the time to book your 6×6 build.

To get an idea of what you get for your money, please read on…

Each build is a unique and custom modification. Depending on minor differences in Make/Model requirements, and the 6×6 vehicle purpose/s, we design your conversion accordingly.

Usual prices for these generally range between AU$38,500 and AU$87,000 (Incl. GST), depending on differences between Makes/Models.

After calculating you’re vehicle’s usual 6×6 conversion price, we charge 90% total.

Remember, this discount offer is closing on December 24th.

Once we’ve worked together with you on exact requirements in your new vehicle, price is calculated and a 10% deposit books it’s spot in our lineup, and we start acquiring specific build components.

To take hold of this special discount price offer, contact us for all the details.

6×6 AUSTRALIA’S advanced Coil-spring suspension design is the only one in the world with functionally integrated ‘Roll-steer’. This subtle mechanical manipulation of the 6×6 rear suspension system noticeably increases steering performance, especially under load and at speed (due to physical dynamic inertia). This load-sharing, roll-steering, bogie-drive, coil-spring system has been developed between 1997-2014. It is now approaching perfection.

This ‘Roll-steer’ function effectively compensates for excessive tyre wear seen in other 6×6 systems and ‘6-wheelers’, which experience their rear tyres ‘scrubbing’ the road/track surface and wearing the tyres down relatively faster than normal.

Positioned so close together (particularly those under drive force, i.e. 6×6), the rear wheels kind of try and “Fight” each other for road space, especially under a heavy payload.

However, this is not so for the 6×6 AUSTRALIA suspension. The rear 4 wheels in our system don’t fight each other. Ours work harmoniously with our home-grown ‘Roller-drive’ Power-divider fitted inside our drive-through diff centre, keeping the wheels/tyres firmly planted to the road/track surface under drive. The 6×6 AUSTRALIA bogie-drive system maintains traction as a team and rarely (if ever) leaves any wheel ‘hanging in space’ as other 6x6s do.

Our suspension technology also possesses true 50/50 Loadshare of it’s payload. Most other 6x6s are suspiciously found deficient in this aspect, e.g. 60-40 Loadshare, with some as dangerously unsafe at 80/20 Loadshare.

Office Manager’s rig at Jerusalem Creek, Christmas 2014

Hurry because Christmas is nearly here and this special won’t be repeated! 

For example, say the normal price of your custom 6×6 build was AU$50,000 (Incl. GST).

At this price, 10% discount is $5,000 off, giving $45,000 as the new, fully discounted, 6×6 conversion price.

  We then calculate 10% of this new price of $45,000 (Incl. GST) to find your deposit amount of $4,500. This small 10% deposit books your spot in the 2018 6×6 build lineup and enables us to order supply of driveline parts for lead time and a steady flow of operations in the build.

  At your conversion’s start date, we get your 4×4 in the door at our factory and begin converting it to 6×6.

Please read the ‘PRODUCTS, SERVICES, AND PRICING’ page for further details outlining the formal process.

Contact us today once you’ve searched around our website here. We can discuss your vehicle’s main intended purpose and all the available options that we can provide for you.

Whether on- or off-road, and in aspects like design and workmanship of chassis extension strength; in driveline performance reliability; and in suspension performance reliability with comfort/stability in highway ride and wheel-articulation off-road (in order to keep the wheels from hanging in space), no other 6×6 system on the market today can compete with 6×6 AUSTRALIA’s system on price or performance.

We’ve been around for over 30 years too and remain entrenched in the 6×6 vehicle-building industry worldwide, with associations in Arabia, collaborative operations in South Africa and Malaysia, and soon to be in Great Britain and Slovakia. Our record on 6×6 stands alone. With 3 generations of family involved in the business, we’ll be round for awhile yet to support our customers into the future.

You’ll gain a true bargain when you catch this special discount. The 6×6 AUSTRALIA conversions also hold enhanced resale value for years to come.

All 6×6 AUSTRALIA work has full warranty backup support service (with options for extended warranty available to suit individual requirements).

6×6 AUSTRALIA Vehicles are suited to a list of diverse  applications, for example: Recreational towing and other interstate/Long-haul work; Heavy industry; Agriculture; Emergency/Para-military services; Mobile workshops for remote area infrastructure maintenance; and for Tourism operations and other “Playtime” applications.


Our 6x6s have full-time Twin-axle rear drive. This provides full-time 4wd in the rear 4 wheels, making them easy to operate. No hassles, just drive. Engage the front hubs to become full 6×6 when needed. The coil-spring rear suspension provides comfortable and safe ride too, with 50/50 Loadshare and integrated ‘Roll-steer’ to support your front ‘steer-axle’ performance and reduce excessive tyre wear other 6×6 systems can’t escape. Our 6×6 systems are also very low-maintenance.

Great Australian Bight

Product reliability and customer satisfaction on all fronts are key to our success and reputation.