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Our latest innovative and Heavy-duty Bogie-drive conversion are now applied to over 25 Light Commercial models.

For example:

i- All Ford F-series’ (F-150s, F-250s, etc);

ii- Ford Ranger;

iii- Mazda BT-50;

iv- Toyota Hilux;

v- Toyota LC76/78/79;

vi- Toyota LC80;

vii- Toyota LC100/105;

viii- Toyota LC200;

ix- Nissan Navara;

x- Nissan Patrol Y60/Y61/Y62;

xi- Mercedes-benz G-Wagen;

xii- Mercedes-benz Sprinter;

xiii- Mercedes-benz Unimog;

xiv- Mitsubishi Triton;

xv- Iveko Daily;

xvi- Volkswagon Transporter; and

xvii- Volkswagon Amarok.


Want Safety, and Dynamic Stability in Steering and Ride Comfort Performance?


Do you carry or Tow Heavy Loads (or do both)?

Do you use your work ute/weekender in this way on rough terrain both On-road and Off-road?



Most people who Tour, Tow, and  have to carry heavy Payloads for work each day (e.g. Construction, or Mineral Exploration Rigs) find themselves almost always forced to carry and tow at (or above) their vehicle’s GVM/GCM limit.

This is really not safe.

Does your Ute need a significantly greater Payload capacity than it’s factory capabilities, that’s also Legal according to Australian Design Rules (ADR)?




Need more space or tray length than your current standard Light-commercial vehicle has?





You’ve come to the right place…


6×6 AUSTRALIA’s conversions offer effective solutions to the various requirements in weight capacity upgrades; Custom-built Differential, Axle, and Drive-line Enhancements for strength and reliability; and any High-Class, Custom-built, and bespoke Bodymaking requirements for your vehicle that you might imagine.


6×6 AUSTRALIA have been at this for over 30 years and are the industry leaders in truly capable, safe, and reliable GVM/GCM upgrades for your Towing “Workhorse”.


6×6 AUSTRALIA offer 3 main modification types for you to consider getting done. Quite simply, these are:


1)- Chassis & Suspension systems;




2)- Drive-line systems;





3)- Bodyworks.

2 of Bob’s sons, Steve in the back of ute acting as Counterweight & BJ on the floor mastering the Block & Tackle




Our extensive list of ADR-compliant Suspension & Driveline System upgrades have been designed and prototyped here by ourselves, as a family operation since 1984.



Each 6×6 model’s Federal ID Plate Approvals (IPAs), which certify our work, help to provide prestigious yet affordable options to suit individual budgets and personal preferences in whichever base vehicle chassis is chosen to convert to 6×6 (and there are more than a dozen to choose from). Most of our competitors only have archaic designs on one or two models (namely Toyota LC 70-series), and that’s it. Our IPAs allow your vehicle to be registered for road use in any State or Territory in the country too. If we don’t have an IPA for the one you want, we’ll have our Automotive Engineer company in SEQ (All Vehicle Compliance P/L) certify the one you want. It’s all a part of the service.



A lot of the models we convert to 6×6 won’t require an Engineer’s Certificate for the Modification in order to make it legal. Our IPAs usually cover this, as we have over 14 different models to choose from, and not only for you, but for when you go to sell the vehicle it will hold it’s resale value and be easier to sell.




We convert most popular Mid-sized 4×4 models like Ford Ranger, Mazda BT-50, Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara, Mitsubishi Triton, VW Amarok, and Large-sized models like Toyota Landcruiser, Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen, Nissan Patrol, Ford F-trucks, Iveko Daily 5500 4×4 (and 4×2 to Bogie-drive), Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 (and 4×2 to Bogie-drive), and the list goes on and on…






Click the links below to view 3D CAD images of our latest addition to 6×6 AUSTRALIA Pty Ltd’s “Workhorse stables”, our Mil. Spec. 6×6 Rear Suspension and Driveline assembly (Internationally Registered Design No.s 201714910, 201714911, and 201714912):


Mercedes G-Wagen Rear Bogie-drive Suspension (forward angle underneath)


Mercedes-Benz G-wagen Bogie-drive Suspension (rearfacing overhead profile)





Newly fitted Bogie-drive suspension system showing extreme wheel articulation ability
Recurved Loadshare beam with coil-springs is mounted to Suspension Cradle with ‘A-Arm’ Diff locators in the middle
6×6 AUSTRALIA’s pure 50:50 Loadsharing Coil Spring fully assembled “Rolling Bogie”, ready for final chassis installation
Our Handmade, Recurved, Loadshare Beams, seen here with our Custom-designed, Tapered-wire, Coil Springs bolted in position. These are Purpose-built for your vehicle’s main role, i.e., Heavy Wire for Heavyweight GVM models, lighter diameter wire for the Lightweight GVM Models to increase comfort and handling performance
6×6 AUSTRALIA’s Heavy Duty Suspension components





Click the link below to see 3D CAD images our Bogie-drive Suspension & Driveline systems (Internationally Registered Design No.s 201714910, 201714911, and 201714912):







Drive-through Diff with Power-divider components for Mazda BT-50 6×6
6×6 AUSTRALIA’S ‘Roller-drive Power-divider’. The control centre for the bulk traction of the 4 rear wheels under drive power from the Gearbox. There is a lot of physical force driven down into the track over that short space between the 4 rear wheels. Our Power-divider keeps the axles from killing each other or “Sacrificing” one of their group (there are 4 axles total in the Bogie-drive assembly. One for each wheel), and keeps the wheels driving the vehicle along with optimal control (instead of having to rely on momentum).


6×6 AUSTRALIA’S ‘Drive-through Diff’ (6×6 Mazda BT-50 model pictured here) with integrated ‘Roller-drive Power-divider’ inside.

6×6 AUSTRALIA’s Roller-Drive Power-Divider. One simple and ingenious piece of natural & intuitive Automotive Engineering that fits inside our Drive-through Diff!

Originally invented in the 1990s by our Founder and Chief Executive, Mr. Bob James, this simple yet sophisticated piece of homegrown Aussie Automotive Ingenuity has many broad and diverse applications.



For more info on this, see our Future Concept Designs page. 6×6 AUSTRALIA Pty Ltd are currently finalizing successful trials (started in 2017) of our Roller-drive Power-divider in the ZAMBONI Corp. USA and their Ice-resurfacing machines. It works to help solve challenges there in balancing traction requirements for working on Ice-skating Rinks with maneuverability when off ice, in order to avoid suffering drive-line damage.

Applications in Top Fueler Drag-racing and High-speed off-road 4×4 racing machines are also set for the coming year (2018).



Australian Design Rule (ADR) and legal compliance of vehicle modifications:

Australian Design Rules (ADRs) are rules that legally bind Automotive Engineers in vehicle design and manufacture to design safe and reliable vehicles for Australian roads.

All of 6×6 AUSTRALIA’s conversions will have ADR-compliance and most with Federal ID Plate Approvals (IPAs), our IPA numbers certifying our 6×6 Suspension and Drive-line modifications around the country. This means you can register it in any State or Territory and when you go to sell it, it’s IPA adds resale value, especially for potential interstate buyers who won’t have to get a new Engineer’s Report in their State or Territory.

Federal IPAs are a long-winded and expensive process of Engineer Testing and Certification paperwork through the Federal Dep’t of Infrastructure, Regional Development, and Cities in Canberra. They took us years to achieve. Once we put our plate on your converted vehicle, it stays there for the life of the conversion and is recognized Australia-wide for Vehicle Registration purposes.

These IPAs are not just given away to anyone with a MIG & a Makita out in their back shed, and some keen impetuous motivation to see their ute modified. No, not that cheap, simple, or easy to achieve!

Our IPAs were hard fought and won over the prior 3 decades of continual R&D, with much Brake testing, Weight testing, Chassis Beam-Stiffness testing, Weld testing, Emissions testing, this testing, and that testing, with our long-suffering Automotive Engineer Signatory, Mr. Alan Marburg  (‘All Vehicle Compliance’, QLD.)

 This following list shows the 6x6s we have IPAs for.

Most of these models aren’t available in 6×6 from anywhere else in the world! We have been in this game for decades…

1) – Toyota Landcruiser 70 series 6×6 (current model LC70, LC75, LC76, LC78, LC79) for Medium/Lightweight GVM/GCM (Federal ID Plate #43189), and for Heavyweight GVM/GCM (Federal ID Plate #46527);

6×6 Toyota Landcruiser 79 with custom Flatbed tray body.

2) – Toyota Landcruiser 200 series 6×6 (current model LC200) for Heavyweight GVM/GCM (Federal ID Plate #48397);

6×6 Toyota Landcruiser 200 with flatbed tray body awaiting RV/Camper fitout .

3) – Nissan Patrol GU 6×6 (previous model Y61) for Medium/Lightweight GVM/GCM (Federal ID Plate #47606), and for Heavyweight GVM/GCM (Federal ID Plate #47607);

Nissan GU Patrol 6×6 with Flatbed tray body

4) – Mazda BT-50 6×6 (current model) for Medium/Lightweight GVM/GCM (Federal ID Plate #47852); and

6×6 Madza BT-50 with Flatbed awaiting fitout of RV/Camper body

 5) – Ford Ranger 6×6 (current model) for Medium/Lightweight GVM/GCM (Federal ID Plate #48853).

New 6×6 AUSTRALIA models currently having our Suspension and Drive-lines adapted for ADR compliance and individual IPAs (in 2018) include:

Iveco Daily 5500 6×6 and 6×4 (current model) in Heavyweight configuration 8,000kgGVM;

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 6×6 and 6×4 (current model) in Medium-Lightweight 4,495kgGVM and Heavyweight 8,000kgGVM;

– Mercedes-Benz G- Wagen 6×6 (current model) in Heavyweight configuration 7,200kg GVM;

Toyota Hilux 6×6 (current model SR5) in Medium/Lightweight configuration 4,495kgGVM;

Nissan Navara 6×6 (current model) in Medium/Lightweight configuration 4,495kg GVM;

Ford F150 6×6 (current model) for Light, Medium, &/or Heavyweight GVM/GCM; and

Ford F350 6×6 (current model) for Heavyweight 8,000kgGVM/GCM.


IPAs decrease the paperwork burden and the tyranny of Insurance & Registration costs for your truly superior new vehicle.

Some expensive hidden costs which other 6×6 provider’s designs can’t evade include excessive tyre-wear. This excessive ‘Scrubbing’ of rear tyres is due to the fact other Bogie-drive Suspension systems don’t allow the axles to communicate with each other because there is no effective ‘Applied Loadshare’ between them. ‘Loadshare’ is important.

6×6 Australia’s Coil Spring Suspension with Loadshare Beams and Diff-Locating ‘A-Arms’ & Lower Control Rods (an International Registered Design) incorporates a mechanically integrated ‘Roll-Steer’ function, allowing the tyres to maneuvre under basic physical forces from the Payload as the vehicle corners (Inertia-force, Gravity, and Centrifugal-force combined). Also, in combination with our ‘Roller-drive’ Power-divider, the Coil Spring Suspension works to reduce tyre wear. It’s very subtle and difficult to describe without a proper demonstration, which helps explain these concepts further. Contact us to organize a personal demonstration for you.