The 6X6 AUSTRALIA WRAPPR-6 militiary concept vehicle. The Wide Ranging Armed & Plated Patrol Rig-6 boasts Full-time 6X6; Turbo Diesel 6.5L V8; 6-speed Manual transmission with high-low range (top speed 180km/h w/potential for 250km/h); 450L fuel; 120L water (integrated into bilayer 12mm alumiminium plate panel work); Assorted ammunition & dry stowage (500kg); Estimated minimum range of approx. 3,200km.
Designed around a Toyota Hilux/Ford Ranger chassis for a 6-man combat section (incl. pilot & navigator up front) with room for up to 3 extra (Casualty/POWs space). After that it just needs a longer wheelbase to make for full 9-man sections. We have ADR approval for 79 & 200 series at these metrics: 79 series for WRAPPR-9 has Tare weight 2,700kg, Payload 2,500kg, 5,200kg GVM & 8,500kg GCM and/or a WRAPPR-26 on Toyota 200 series Landcruiser with approx. Tare 3,150kg; Payload 3,050kg; 6,380kg GVM; and 8,500kg GCM.



Innovative Zamboni driveshaft pieces. Recent challenges for the Zamboni ice-resurfacing tractor saw our head mechanical designer go to work with Zamboni HQ in the USA and solve their traction dilemma they were facing with providing traction on the ice while enabling them to also drive in and around their bitumen carparks and concrete driveways without chewing axles and tyres out. This mechanism is now set to be eventually implemented into the ice-dressing machines (‘Zamboni’) of every indoor Olympic sized ice-rink around the world.


The ‘Continental’ Toyota 200 series Landcruiser 6X6 heavy vehicle with full load-sharing suspension, 6,380kg GVM, 3,050kg payload, and 8,500kg GCM
Initial stage of slide-on RV camper for Toyota 200 series Landcruiser 6×6



The ‘Nullabor’  Toyota 79 series 6X6 RV Camper CONCEPT
Toyota 79 series 6X6 RV Camper REALITY