Dependable, safe, and enduring 6×6 GVM/GCM upgrades to existing 4×4 vehicles.

Our User-friendly 6×6 Workhorses offer extremely capable, safe, and dependable GVM/GCM upgrade to your existing 4×4. The 6×6 AUSTRALIA modifications can be designed with consideration for drivers on a standard car licence.

We also provide stylish, bespoke bodywork with a lasting finish to complete your vehicle’s unique specifications.

Normally, except for most of the general suspension components and some of the detailed inner-workings of our Drive-through diff and it’s Power-divider, each conversion we build is somewhat unique. Therefore, details such as specific weight-carrying capacity (GVM) for certification/registration can usually be set according to our client’s desires/demands.

General terms of contract:

(This is only a general outline. These builds take a number of weeks, so our customers are usually updated on the progress every 2 weeks by phone call or email with photos, or sometimes both as it approaches completion)

i)- Customer initially pays 10% Deposit of their 6×6 conversion price , booking their vehicle a time-slot for build commencement.

NOTE: ‘Extra works’, for example fabricating/fitting Long Range Fuel Tanks, fitting Front Suspension lifts, Air-lockers and compressors/accessories, Reservoir Shock absorbers, and Bodywork, etc. are calculated separately. Full payment for these extra works is required at the build commencement;

ii)- Upon receipt of the initial 10% deposit, 6×6 AUSTRALIA begins organizing supply of some components sourced from overseas;

iii)- Upon arriving at date of allocated time-slot, 6×6 AUSTRALIA take possession of our client’s vehicle, and begin it’s conversion. Stage 2 payment of 50% total agreed price is required at this time.

Once Stage 2 payment and vehicle cab-chassis are received by 6×6 AUSTRALIA, the actual chassis work begins;

iii)- Upon reaching date of completion, Stage 3 payment is then required. The client’s vehicle, with new 6×6 conversion, is then handed back over to them.

Prior to Stage 3 payment and final handover, all certification required for legal registration is organized so final handover goes smoothly and clients can begin to use their vehicle right away (unless organized otherwise).

If you still have questions, please check our “COMMON QUESTIONS” page and if the answer isn’t there, please feel welcome to contact us and ask.

     All 6×6 AUSTRALIA conversions are done to existing 4×4 chassis platforms. The 6×6 Bogie-drive technology is all our own, including Drive-through Diff with Power-divider driveline, and Loadsharing Coil-spring suspension with integrated ‘Roll-steer’. This technology was developed right here in Australia over the course of 3 decades (since 1984) and leads the world in affordability, safety, reliability, and performance.

At 6×6 AUSTRALIA, we are one of the only operators working from a nationally accredited manufacturing facility, registered with The Australian Federal Department of Infrastructure & Regional Development (since 1999). Not all 6x6s are built with this level of assurance.

Our Loadshare coil-spring suspension and our Roller-drive Power-divider technologies are also internationally registered designs.

6×6 AUSTRALIA Federal Identity Plate Approval (IPA) numbers include:

Toyota 75 series Landcruiser 6×6 IPA#13434 for Medium/Lightweight GVM/GCM, and IPA#13436 for Heavyweight GVM/GCM;

-Current model Toyota 79 series Landcruiser (current model) 6×6 IPA#43189 for Medium/Lightweight GVM/GCM, and IPA#46527 for Heavyweight GVM/GCM;

-Current model Toyota 200 series Landcruiser 6×6 (current model) IPA#48397 for Heavyweight GVM/GCM;

Nissan GU (Y61) Patrol 6×6 IPA#47606 for Medium/Lightweight GVM/GCM, and  IPA#47607 for Heavyweight GVM/GCM;

-Current model Mazda BT-50 (current model) 6×6 IPA#47852 for Medium/Lightweight GVM/GCM; and

-Current model Ford Ranger 6×6 (current model) IPA#48853 for Medium/Lightweight GVM/GCM.

 We ‘re currently preparing more, including Iveco Daily 5500 6×6 for Heavyweight 8,750kgGVM, and Ford F150 6×6 for Medium/Lightweight GVM/GCM and F350 6×6 for Heavyweight GVM/GCM.

Mazda BT-50 6×6

Medium/Lightweight-sized 6x6s (Mazda BT-50; Ford Ranger; Toyota Hilux; Nissan Navara; etc.), like all our other 6x6s, are built for increased weight carriage focused on safety, comfort, and reliability.

Once converted, in Australia these Mid-sized 6x6s can still be legally operated with a standard car licence (<4,500kg GVM), and safely carry a 2,000kg Payload (4,495kg GVM and 7,995kg GCM).


Nissan GU Patrol 6X6

Our ADR heavyweight 6×6 is based on large-size 4x4s, e.g. Nissan Patrol or Toyota Landcruiser.

Our Toyota 79 series Landcruiser 6×6 Workmate model (for example) measures Tare 2,650kg; Payload 3,550kg; 6,200kg GVM; 8,500kg GCM. Nissan GU Patrol 6×6 ST model is practically the same.

Our 200 series Landcruiser 6×6 GXL model has a 3,080kgPayload; 6,080kgGVM; and 8,500kgGCM in comfort and safety.

Capacity for heavy loads across all-terrains is always our aim.

Testing Toyota 70 series Landcruiser in 1998 with 3 tonne Payload in old, disused quarry.


 1)- 6×6 Chassis, Suspension, & Drive-line modification with general pricing:

External loadshare beam model, with Airbag system installed as coil-spring replacements for custom request.
6mm Fish-plating on chassis reinforcing work. Notice the dual-cab panelwork pictured is yet to be completed.
Chassis extension complete and our 6×6 AUSTRALIA twin-axle suspension under assembly

 WHAT YOU GET FOR YOUR MONEY WITH A BASIC CAB-CHASSIS CONVERSION: Prices vary between specific conversions depending on your choice of custom options, and in which Federal ADR class of weight capacity you wish your vehicle.

  You might want a truck operating on a standard car licence. For this, we decrease the load-bearing limit of your suspension build, reducing it’s GVM/GCM inline with Federal ID plate labeling for the standard car licenced operators.

GVM is the weight of the vehicle itself (Tare weight), PLUS anything it’s carrying (Payload), i.e. ‘Gross Vehicle Mass’.

GCM is everything including the GVM, PLUS the weight of your Trailer setup, i.e. ‘Gross Combination Mass’ .

For a basic Medium-Light GVM/GCM 6×6 cab-chassis conversion, our usual price is AUD$42,075 (Incl. GST).

NOTE: Medium-Light GVM/GCM vehicles with Automatic transmissions are extra AUD$4,500 because of exotic diff ratios used by makers within these Automatic Transmission models.

Dual-cab Mazda BT-50 6×6 with flatbed traybody (awaiting slide-on Pop-top RV/Camper body to be fitted)

  At standard price, vehicles gets the usual fully reinforced chassis extension of 1,300mm (minimum) crafted with new folded plate steel chassis-rail sections, fully-welded. Then we use stitched 6mm steel Fisch-plating, and extensive 4 x 50mm square RHS bracing running beneath the chassis rails from behind the furthest rear axle to the front of the vehicle beneath the driver’s seat position.

Your custom order might require a longer chassis too, e.g. for a permanent RV/Camper body. To an extent, this can be as long as you want (max. 1800mm).

Optional extra chassis lengthening is charged at $2/mm after the normal 1,300mm extension, and is built inline with usual extension/reinforcing materials and methods.

Details are negotiated and options included in final contract, prior to build.

When achievable, we use your vehicle’s existing rear axle, discarding it’s suspension and moving this diff to the rearmost position in the bogie setup, building an entirely new Drive-through diff for the front axle of the Bogie. NOTE: Exceptions include Automatic transmission Mazda BT-50 & Ford Ranger, and some 200 series Landcruisers. These exceptions require extra diff components compared to our usual, most basic conversions.

After this, our 50/50 Loadshare coil-spring suspension system becomes fully welded to your vehicle’s new reinforced heavy-duty chassis section.

DRIVE-LINE TECHNOLOGY: The Power-divider within the Drive-through diff governs our system’s drive-power as it becomes distributed to each rear wheel, directing when to release ‘Axle windup’ and when to lock full ‘Drive-power’ down through to the wheels.

The Power-divider controls the drive-force required to make it a true full-time 6×6 system. This is vital as the amount of traction created with four wheels under power, in such close proximity to each other is phenomenal. If this power-divider wasn’t so sophisticated (while paradoxically still remaining such a relatively simple design), the axles would begin to fight each other and eventually before too long at all, at least one axle would snap. Our Bogie-drives provide a phenomenal amount of traction to the rear of your vehicle.

‘Roller-drive’ Power-divider ready to be fitted
6×6 AUSTRALIA Drive-through diff centre awaiting assembly
Drive-through diff & power-divider housing (rear angle)

TWIN-AXLE SUSPENSION: Our coil-spring Bogie-drive suspensions provide for a smooth and comfortable ride, and superior handling under load. (Registered Design IPRNs No.201712910; No.201714911; & No.201714912)

100% Load-sharing coil-spring suspension system with integrated ‘Roll-steering’ under load.

The integrated ‘Roll-steer’ function provides enhanced stability, especially at speeds >60km/hr, AND ESPECIALLY WHEN FULLY LOADED!

  It’s Roller-drive power-divider gives it serious traction with all 4 rear wheels under drive-power. Our builtin ‘Roll-steer’ design helps decrease tyre-scrubbing too, seen as a common costly flaw in other 6×6 systems, adding a hidden cost to those expensive systems, and which is often missed at first by their customers.

Newly fitted Bogie-drive suspension being tested
Newly fitted Bogie-drive suspension being tested

We outsource supply of specially formed & hardened diff gear-sets with Heavy Duty axles, and machine-form our own ‘Roller-drive’ Power-divider, to complete it’s integration within our Drive-through diff.

Dirve-through diff with power-divider attached

All brake parts, and diff-housings, etc. are genuine factory parts according to your vehicle make. These drive-lines are the piece other 6×6 builders long for, and part of what makes our systems the market leader and envy of our competition.

6×6 AUSTRALIA Toyota Dual-cab 79 series Landcruiser 6×6 cab-chassis conversion

For a heavyweight version of our 6×6, the general rule we use is 10% price increase. This price increase covers necessary build increases such as chassis extension reinforcing, etc. For a standard Heavyweight GVM/GCM cab-chassis 6×6 conversion to a large-size 4×4 vehicle, our price is AU$46,750 (Incl. GST).

Prices are often negotiable and sometimes we have a sale on, e.g “End Of Financial Year Sales” for May-June with GST-free pricing.

Also, exactly what optional extra work is involved will effect final pricing, e.g. Bodywork such as a Flatbed tray with or without gates & bars, or a full-blown 13 seat Safari bus body.

There’s a stack of different bodywork options and we can provide them all. Get in touch and let us know what you’d like to see happen.

Dual-cab Toyota 200 series Landcruiser GXL 6×6

Toyota 200 series Landcruiser 6×6 cab-chassis is usually  completed as a heavyweight GVM, with the following metrics: 6,080kgGVM, 8,500kgGCM, and towing 3,500kgTow-capacity. (Unless requested otherwise with your custom order).

These Toyota 200 series cab-chassis 6×6 builds are priced at AU$49,500 (Incl. GST) and are essentially the same as our usual Heavyweight GVM builds, only with one special difference setting this 6×6 apart from anything else around. We make both rear axles, on both Heavyweight and Lightweight 200 series 6x6s, with full-floating hubs, and integrating these with Landcruiser parts, all while still keeping the 200’s complex ABS functional.

If requested otherwise with your custom order, for this vehicle to be driven on a standard car licence, the build will need it’s modification to be individually certified to <4,500kgGVM. This is no extra cost, but part of the overall price. Such details as this just need to be outlined when writing your contract, so the right label and certification is applied to your rig for your individually required legal registration purposes.

For example, some customers require a mid-lightweight GVM/GCM so themselves, their spouse, or employees can still operate it on a car licence (which limits them to operating vehicles no more than 4,495kg GVM).

6×6 AUSTRALIA Dual-cab Toyota 200 series Landcruiser GXL Heavyweight GVM 6×6
Dual-cab body work with chassis extension work pictured. Notice high-quality brand-new factory rear ute panel (in black) used for panel work. Our competitor’s customized bodywork modification isn’t done like this.

As these Toyota 200 series Landcruiser 6×6 conversions originally start from a 4×4 wagon body, they require significant bodywork to convert them to a 4×4 Dual-cab ute. This bodywork is needed to be completed prior to beginning the 6×6 chassis and suspension work.

For a reasonable and competitive price, 6×6 AUSTRALIA can provide this bodywork too. General price for our new Landcruiser Dual-cab bodywork is AU$21,900 (Incl. GST). Metallic or Pearl paint is $1,200 (ex. GST) extra.


2)- General description of small selection of some of our Custom Automotive Bodyworks, with general pricing to give a basic idea:

We also do a lot of custom bodywork. Seriously, we love this work and can bring to realization anything our client’s imagine.

We’re interested in helping you fulfill what you’d like to achieve, so talk to us and explore your options. The sky’s the limit when it comes to bodywork at 6×6 AUSTRALIA.

Flatbed traybody prices begin at AU$5,700 (Incl. GST) and increase from there depending on what advanced custom work you want, e.g. Rollbars & Racks, Rear Bumpers, folded sheetsteel side- and tail-gates with latches, Spare Wheel carriers, Toolboxes w/Drawers, Fuel/Water Tanks, etc.

RIO TINTO mine staff at Parkes, NSW, receive handover & give 6×6 AUSTRALIA staff an underground tour with their new 79 series Toyota Landcruiser 6×6 Staff taxi bus (13 passenger seats)


Nissan GU Patrol 6×6 Safari tour bus (13 passenger seats)
Custom 13 Passenger seat Safari bus interior on Nissan GU Patrol 6×6. Entire vehicle was completed at 6×6 AUSTRALIA


2 versions of our 70 series Toyota Landcruiser 6×6 Safari tour bus, both in NZ (13 and 15 passenger seat variants)

For a Lightweight 13-14 Passenger seat Safari-tour bus body crafted from 2mm Aluminium (frame and skins) on a brand new, Large-sized 4×4 chassis (Toyota 79 series Landcruiser/Nisan Y61 Patrol), our prices range from between AU$300,000-$750,000 (Incl. GST) including the chosen new base vehicle cab-chassis variant.

Prices range so widely because of the wide range of options we have for you to choose from.

These include options like 79 Workmate base vehicle chassis Vs 200 series GXL base vehicle chassis, Metallic Paintwork Vs base White, Ducted A/C Climate control Vs Std A/C, Tinted windows Vs Untinted windows, internal PA and stereo systems, fabric seat trims Vs canvas seat trims, Linoleum flooring Vs Carpet, Mag wheels Vs Steel split rims, specialized off-road tyres Vs Hwy treads, Diff-lockers Vs Open Diffs Vs LSDs, Air compressors, Auxillary batteries with BC/DC chargers and/or 12V Solar panels, 12V/240V Power Inverter, Fridge/Freezer, and other aftermarket electrical accessory options galore.

This list is almost endless. We can source and fit any and all of the usual aftermarket choices available.

Custom-built 10-seater Toyota Landcruiser 80 series 6×6 superwagon

We can also build these buses on used vehicles, saving a lot of money by building on a used chassis base vehicle.

Price for 10 seat (incl. driver) Superwagon 6×6 body extension work is extra AU$30,000-55,000 (Incl. GST) on top of 6×6 chassis/suspension conversion price, and is fully welded using 316 Stainless steel sheet metal. This price is for body extension only (with full interior fit-out). This bodywork takes approx. 6 weeks to complete (PLUS 4 weeks for cab-chassis 6×6 conversion, making total approx. 10-12 weeks build time).


200 series Toyota Landcruiser 6×6 dual-cab slide-on camper concept profile picture

Initial stages of slide-on camper/RV for Toyota 200 series Landcruiser 6×6 dual-cab


79 series Toyota Landcruiser 6×6 concept profile picture

79 series 6×6 Toyota Landcruiser camper concept in reality


Silver Toyota 79 series Landcruiser 6×6 RV tourer brekky table
Toyota Landcruiser 79 series 6×6 RV tourer galleyway interior
Toyota Landcruiser 79 series 6×6 RV tourer double bed interior
Toyota Landcruiser 79 series 6×6 RV tourer interior kitchen
Toyota Landcruiser 79 series 6×6 RV super-tourer toilet/shower

GENERAL PRICE OF CUSTOM LARGE-SIZED 6×6 WITH RV/CAMPER (incl. fit-out to custom order specs): General pricing for a brand new Large-sized (Nissan Patrol/Toyota Landcruiser) permanent Pop-top RV/Camper 6×6, seats/berths 2 Adults, ranges between AU$300,000-$750,000 (Incl. GST) including new base vehicle chassis (e.g. Landcruiser, or Patrol, or F350, or other large-sized 4×4). For example, general market price for new Toyota 79 series Landcruiser is currently AU$65,000. Add the price of the 6×6 conversion ($45,000) plus bodywork of AU$205,000 and we have AU$315,000 combined.

Price for the same type of permanently fixed RV/Camper on a mid-size 6X6, e.g. Mazda BT-50, is approximately 5% less. Final price depends on consideration of your entire package. Broad options can be discussed upon inquiry. Resale value on these is approx. 50% better than the base vehicle chassis used in conversion as they hold their value really well.

If you’re interested, contact us with any specific questions you have for your own custom 6×6.


3) – General Terms of Standard Warranty & Servicing, and optional extended warranties with pricing: General warranty comes standard on all our work. It is 12 months/20,000km on all new parts, materials, and workmanship from final date of completion when your conversion leaves our factory.

Servicing, Repairs, and Replacement work re: warranties is on a ‘back-to-base’ system, where your 6×6 must be delivered back to our base at Coraki, NSW for work to be completed. Full warranty terms and other specific details are negotiated and agreed upon prior to contract.

Options include 24months/50,000km on all parts, materials, and workmanship, or 36months/100,000km on same (most popular). For these extended warranty options, regular servicing every 20,000km in-house at 6×6 AUSTRALIA is required in order to keep legitimate.

Please contact us for more information. We’re not able to really do our conversions justice here on the internet. Feel free to make the effort to visit our factory. We have a modern demo vehicle we can let you test-drive If you’re seriously considering a 6×6.

We’re confident we can help you get a reliable, safe, comfortable, and extraordinarily capable 6×6 to suit your purposes.