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Distributorships and Corporate Customers

With the current explosive market growth in diverse off-road RVs, outdoor recreation and camping, and domestic tourism, massive demand for our 6×6 conversions and other machine/vehicle products is occurring like never before.

Our family-oriented private company is interested in supplying wholesale Authorised Distributorships of our highly-refined and advanced enabling technologies in boxed kits.

These boxed kits are defined as enabling technologies because they effectively enable bodymakers to convert the standard light-commercial 4×4 into highly-capable chassis’ that safely and comfortably carry heavy payloads to extreme off-road locations and into otherwise impassable locations.

A Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) is initiated between us at the outset of negotiations, and, when we agree after negotiating terms, we can draft an Authorised Distributorship agreement between us and commence your training for distribution of our products.

Kits contain all Suspension and Driveline components pre-made at our factory, and many other moving parts of these simple, handsome, and yet highly-dynamic and brutally-strong machine system upgrades.

We reasonably negotiate potential for exclusive regions with your company, our loyal referral protocols for enquiries that come direct to us from clients who are local to your region, and other reasonably negotiable formal parameters of our Authorised Distributorship programme.

If your company operates within the appropriately-related industries, for example light-commercial mechanical engineering and general 4×4/Off-road vehicle modifications, or any other light-commercial off-road automotive niche industry that could see your premises enjoying rolling out 6×6 conversions, please contact us to discuss potentially taking on an Authorised Distributorship of the 6×6 Australia brand 6×6 Chassis, Suspension, and Driveline boxed kits.

We support your initial operation with a wholesale Bogie-drive Suspension and Driveline boxed kit (approx. $49,000 for the initial kit, depending on chassis choice, e.g., 70 series Toyota), and includes the attendance alongside your team for up to 1 week (40-50hrs) by our lead technician at your premises, to teach the process of fitment, along with further documentation. For example, a Bill of Materials listing the kit’s contents and a brief point summary of fitment process steps) and visit your base of operations anywhere in the world with 1-2 of our staff to demonstrate the kits and how they’re generally fitted, and the chassis conversions are completed.

This first build is generally fitted to the Distributor’s demonstration rig, which often get resold to market right away, and its funds then rolled back into your company at a tidy profit and part used to update with another one while simultaneously starting to build some for clientele.

Wholesale boxed kits thereafter sell for approx. $40,000 (depending on base chassis’).

The boxed kits take approx.2weeks to fit from start to finish, with 2 Tradesmen and 1 TA/Apprentice. General labour requirements, approx.220 man hours per kit.

Thereafter, we’re available for further contact and support for you, with any technical product information for you/your Tradesmen and your clientele.


Current Distributors and Corporate Customers:

South Australia

LTG 4×4: https://ltg4x4.com.au

Tom – E: sales@ltg4x4.com.au   Ph: 0499 985 209


Go 4×4: https://go4x4.com.au

Aaron – E: offroad@go4x4.com.au  Ph: (08) 8369 0999


New South Wales

Earthcruiser Australia: https://earthcruiser.net.au

Mark – E: sales@earthcruiser.net.au  Ph: 0412 642 437