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All about 6×6 conversions

Our Bogie-drive 6×6 conversions are designed simply to navigate challenging off-road locations, and carry and tow heavier payload and trailer masses with user-friendly ease, low-maintenance / economical capability, and in ultimate safety and comfort.

To this end, our symmetrical Loadsharing, Coil Spring (optional Airbags), and Disc Brake Bogie-drive systems with integrated Roll-steer function (“the Bogie”) was born out of necessity in the early-1980s when our initial incarnations as a Mechanical & Smash Repairs business needed a medium-sized tow truck for tackling its regional NRMA operations at the time.

6x6 Australia's first tow truck circa 1984

(@1985 – “Eclipse Workhorse Conversions” and “Coraki Mechanical & Smash Repairs”)

Our excellent suspension and driveline systems for bogie-drive 6×6 vehicles are designed and manufactured by our trade-certified teams for quality workmanship.

Check the following photos for glimpses of what’s offered at our federally registered Design and Production facility (No.D115 and No.P11581) in Coraki (Northern Rivers, NSW).

Our simple and effective design,evolving from the mid-1990s to date is modeled indirectly off railway train passenger/freight carriage bogies with our founder’s time (Bob James, founder and General Manager/CEO) as Electrical Fitter Foreman in Sydney Yard (NSW Rail – @1973-1983).

The Bogie’s design was adapted from heavy duty railway train carriages to match contemporary automotive mechanical materials and technologies, and is designed for simple, heavy duty reliability in responsibly carrying heavy payloads above the typical light commercial chassis/suspension/driveline combination’s usual abilities, with relative ease and in ultimate safety for the passengers/crew and freight on-board.

(‘Rio Tinto’ Copper & Gold mine – North Parkes, NSW @2015)

Key aspects found nowhere else among other bogie-drive systems include our protected design’s ‘Symmetrical Loadshare Beam’ suspension; our integrated/functional ‘Roll-steering’ suspension; and our driveline’s integrated ‘Roller-drive Power-divider’ built internal to the drive-through differential assembly (also built with an incorporated ‘ARB Air Locker’ diff lock).

“Loadshare suspension” – ‘Loadsharing suspension’ in Mechanical Engineering is an advanced requirement within our Federal Australian Design Rule legislation (“ADR-43/04, 8. LOAD SHARING SUSPENSION”) on all twin axle suspension/driveline systems (AKA “Bogie-drive / 6×6”) that carry above 4.5tonnes Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM), and which GVM is the car licence holder’s legal limits, upwards whereof at the official ‘Heavy Vehicle’ registration and insurance becomes mandatory.  No other bogie-drive suspension designs can honestly claim this key engineering concept within their suspension systems. It’s only part of what makes ours the best 6×6 conversion available.

“Roller-drive Power-divider” – Integrated with the Drive-through diff assembly, and, as the name suggests, this divides the drive power between the first 2 wheels of the bogie-drive’s 4 wheel, and the rearmost diff assembly’s second 2 wheels of the bogie.  With the bulk traction from these 4 wheels under full-time/on-demand drive power from the engine and transmission, located so close to each other in the bogie, there is a significant amount of physical force being controlled between the engine/transmission, through the driveline, and back again from there to where the rubber meets the road.  Without this ingenious little control mechanism built into the differential, this amount of traction would soon damage the gears, axles, and bearings that constitute this final location of the driveline.

This photo only reveals approx.1/3 of the integrated power-divider mechanism, and is from Gen.15 (@2008). The current generation is far superior to this handsome piece of ingenuity. Our power-divider mechanism, while simultaneously providing drive to all 4 wheels of the Bogie on-demand, it drives through this first differential and out onto the rearmost differential’s wheels. For sake of fuel economy, once cruising at highway speed, the power-divider is no longer demanded to provide drive to the rearmost wheels, and effectively releases power, dividing it away from the rearmost diff, and concentrating it upon the drive-through diff’s 2 wheels. So refined is the mechanism, the moment it senses a demand for traction, it mechanically locks drive power through its internals, and full drive is directed to the rearmost wheels as well as the drive-through wheels. For extreme off-road requirements, its in-built ‘ARB Air Locker’ Diff Lock can be activated, which sees an extremely capable vehicle come to life.

“Functional Roll-steer” – Integrated and complementary to the suspension’s protected IP Loadshare Beam designs (Registered Design Nos.201714910; 201714911; and 201714912) is one aspect of the Bogie that gives it a performance capability like no other off-road machine of any class. This subtle performance technology enables the driver to experience the phenomenons of natural physical forces as their vehicle carrying extraordinary masses in payloads navigates off-road extremes around the world. No photos or video footage does this sensation justice as it uses centrifugal force from physical carriage of its payload mass as it maneouvres corners at speed to manipulate the suspension, slightly similar to how a skateboard steers by shifting weight across it centre axis to navigate corners.  In order to be truly appreciated, it has to be fully experienced on a test drive while our technicians simultaneously explain its actions.  The comfort and security of feeling safe and in control of the heavy trailer/payload gives the operator great peace of mind and remarkably sensed during operation.

For further information and about how to purchase your 6×6 conversion, please feel welcome to call 0467 595 707 (Bob James, Founder and General Manager) or 0447 023 647 (Steve James, Co-founder and Personal Assistant to Bob) and inquire, or alternatively, leave either of us an email outlining the following key aspects:

1 – which make/model 6×6 conversions you require;

2 – what you intend to use your 6×6 for;

3 – what extras you’d like to know availability and prices for (e.g., Traybodies, Canopies, Fuel Tanks, Water Tanks, 3-berth campervan bodies; and 13-seat Safari bus bodies);

4 – what state/territory your vehicle is to be registered in; and

5 – brand new.unregistered vehicle to be converted, or used vehicle to be converted?” as the modification certificate from our Mechanical Engineer is different for each type.

Please feel welcome to inquire on any other related questions you have about your new 6×6 conversion.

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