The World's ONLY 6x6 ATV's, featuring both innovative Load-Share Coil-Spring suspension and full-time bogie drive, fitted onto most commercials.

Up to 100% increase in wheel articulation over standard 4x4 vehicle. 70% decrease in chassis deflection (vehicle remains far more level).


6x6 photo gallery

6x6 Australia HQ
The 6x6 Australia photo gallery contains loads of images showing both recreational and industrial applications of our 6x6 technology.

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Digital video gallery

A complete suite of 6x6 video footage will be available for download shortly.

This footage will allow you to experience the versatility of a 6x6 vehicle for yourself.

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Our new Load-Share Coil-Spring Suspension gives a limousine ride, both on and off-road , the ergonomics of the system are superb and extremely user friendly. The In-Built Six-Wheel Steer Function has Transformed the vehicle, setting new Paradigms for 6x6 and 8x8 trucks, with handling and performance elevated to formerly unheard of levels, with extremely high dynamic safety for operators.

The comfort and ease of use of our Vehicles, is a very good reason to choose them. The amazing Performance Parameters and general Extremely High Levels of Handling and Dynamic Safety of our vehicles is another reason they will be the Vehicle of Choice as more and wider exposure to the World Market is realised.

We have tested our 6x6 Vehicles at high speed, for extended trips, with results which will amaze anyone who has driven at high speed over long distances. We completed one extended outback trip, with 12,650klms covered by two drivers in only eight days of driving, at speeds of 140klm/hr average over the whole trip. This may possibly be a world record, but certainly would be for a three tonne truck.

Due to the robustness of the materials used for our Suspension together with the extreme simplicity of the design, the Load-Share Coil-Spring Suspension gives extremely long periods of maintenance free service. The resultant maintenance situation is almost zero . This may cause some maintenance operators to cringe, considering the loss of income they may incur as a direct result of our systems’ reliability, however the owners of the vehicles fitted with our Load-Share Coil – Spring Suspension have indicated to us that the system is the best in manufacture at present and we venture to state here that in time we believe that this system will be adopted by most major vehicle makers for use in their Heavy 6x6 and 8x8 vehicles.

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