The World's ONLY 6x6 ATV's, featuring both innovative Load-Share Coil-Spring suspension and full-time bogie drive, fitted onto most commercials.

Up to 100% increase in wheel articulation over standard 4x4 vehicle. 70% decrease in chassis deflection (vehicle remains far more level).


6x6 photo gallery

6x6 Australia HQ
The 6x6 Australia photo gallery contains loads of images showing both recreational and industrial applications of our 6x6 technology.

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Digital video gallery

A complete suite of 6x6 video footage will be available for download shortly.

This footage will allow you to experience the versatility of a 6x6 vehicle for yourself.

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Drive Line

Our 6x6 vehicles are built using as much original driveline parts as possible, to allow for repairs and servicing well into the future, without special help. This allows the owner/operator to keep the vehicle in good condition.

Our latest development is a POWER DIVIDER, featuring both Viscous Coupling and Auto Lockup, in both directions, which is the Fifth Generation of our unique drive system, which we have developed over the past 19years.

The device features a viscous coupling in tandem with our own Patented 2-way Automatic Mechanical Lockup Roller Drive Mechanism, for positive LOCKUP drive, ON-DEMAND, ANY TIME & IN ANY CONDITIONS.

The device is capable of transmitting full drive torque from the intermediate differential to the rear differential, within a tiny fraction of a revolution, while being able to be driven on any type of surface in full time bogie drive, without the possibility of windup occurring. This device is a World First.

The Power Divider is able to go from VISCOUS COUPLING to LOCKUP and BACK, ON-DEMAND within an AXLE ROTATION of only 1 inch at the tyre tread, which equates to about 1 percent of a complete revolution or 3.6 degrees of ACTUAL ROTATION of the front differential of the bogie.

The Power Divider System is like a heart to the bogie Drive and allows for FULL TIME BOGIE DRIVE ON ALL SURFACES, WITHOUT ANY DRIVER INPUT and it is FULLY AUTOMATIC and made from VERY SIMPLE, BUT TOUGH COMPONENTS, FOR AN EXTENDED LIFE.

We are able to manufacture drivelines for any type of 4x4 vehicle, but some require special design and development time, however we are always developing new models to keep pace with the market as it changes.

If you have a special requirement we are happy to assist with development.

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