The World's ONLY 6x6 ATV's, featuring both innovative Load-Share Coil-Spring suspension and full-time bogie drive, fitted onto most commercials.

Up to 100% increase in wheel articulation over standard 4x4 vehicle. 70% decrease in chassis deflection (vehicle remains far more level).


6x6 photo gallery

6x6 Australia HQ
The 6x6 Australia photo gallery contains loads of images showing both recreational and industrial applications of our 6x6 technology.

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Digital video gallery

A complete suite of 6x6 video footage will be available for download shortly.

This footage will allow you to experience the versatility of a 6x6 vehicle for yourself.

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Design and Engineering

Our new Load-Share Coil-Spring Suspension System has been designed to eliminate several real problems evident in 6x6 & 8X8 vehicles and generally evident in most bogie type vehicles in use. Especially large Off-Road Trucks used in Defence and Minerals Exploration work carried out in Remote Regions with rugged terrain.

The most important improvement enables the vehicle to be used normally to work traversing extremely rugged terrain , with hitherto unheard of stability with the platform remaining almost level at all times , as the pictures show regardless of the axle articulation or load up to maximum rated carrying capacity of the vehicle.

This allows the operator the widest margin of error in terms of how and where the vehicle is used as the vehicle is so forgiving in use and allows the operator to traverse obstacles which would not normally be considered possible or safe in other vehicles.

The fact that all the drive wheels are in contact with the ground allows our vehicle to climb steeper inclines as well in the most remote areas, with grades of 75% at full load being already achieved in testing at a rugged quarry site near our factory. The Engineering of our new Load-Share Coil-Spring S uspension System is very simple , the Heart Of The System, the two Load-Share Beams and the A Arms and Lower Control Rods, are fabricated from Steel Plate and Maximum Wall Pipe and can be abused to the limit without failing to perform or bending in service.

The drive parts used are common to the Base Vehicle used , with some modification by 6x6 Australia, and are available through the vehicle OEM Spare Parts Network.

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