The World's ONLY 6x6 ATV's, featuring both innovative Load-Share Coil-Spring suspension and full-time bogie drive, fitted onto most commercials.

Up to 100% increase in wheel articulation over standard 4x4 vehicle. 70% decrease in chassis deflection (vehicle remains far more level).


6x6 photo gallery

6x6 Australia HQ
The 6x6 Australia photo gallery contains loads of images showing both recreational and industrial applications of our 6x6 technology.

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Digital video gallery

A complete suite of 6x6 video footage will be available for download shortly.

This footage will allow you to experience the versatility of a 6x6 vehicle for yourself.

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Commercial Value

This new invention is extremely valuable , allowing fitting of this extremely desirable suspension system to a Myriad of Automotive Vehicles, including Full Size Road-Haul and more importantly Off-Road Vehicles, and 6x6 and 8x8 Military Trucks. This New Suspension System ,allows a Wheel Articulation of as much as Four Times the Original, making Our 6X6 Almost Unstoppable in the roughest terrain Off-Road.

In Mining, Exploration, Emergency Services, Agriculture, Tourism and Defence, This New Suspension with 6X6 or 8X8 would enable vehicles to traverse the most rugged areas in safety and with a very high level of occupant comfort together with true user-friendliness for the operator. This suspension is able to allow the vehicle to carry between two and three times itsí original design load, in safety, therefore making the vehicle at least twice as useful as it was originally. We have in fact been using one of our 6X6 Nissan Patrol vehicles in the desert with a three tonne drill rig traversing terrain that itsí4X4 support vehicles canít a proof of our system indeed.

Our latest Test Results with photos to prove our claims, show our 6x6 vehicles are around twice as good as the normal Military Requirements Off-Road and Far Superior to any other similar vehicles on The Road, due to the Six Wheel Steer.

We have done High Speed Manoeuvres such as Very Fast Lane Changes at up to 160kl/hr with full load of Three Tonnes on the Vehicles, with exceptional results. The In-Built Six Wheel Steer assures the Vehicle Operator is in control completely. The Six Wheel Steer is totally controlled at the design stage and results from body roll, having more effect when the vehicle is fully loaded and driven at high speeds.

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